The World’s Biggest Little Town

A few years back while heading west, a sign for the “world’s largest golf tee” caught my eye. Not being in a rush I hopped of I-70 in Illinois at the Casey exit. Following the signs, lo and behold there was this huge golf tee. Little did I know the entire town of Casey had several world’s largest.

Little did I know Casey, IL is known for having the world’s largest. It seems on nearly every block you will find the town’s creations. Casey boasts the world’s largest Mailbox, Yardstick, Rocking Chair, Wind chime, Mailbox. All are situated so you can take photos and enjoy the town.

Casey is truly Smalltown, USA. The town itself has fifties style store fronts, town parks, angled parking and friendly folks. In town you will find several coffee shops and diners. I took time to sample food and coffee from a few of these places snacks and sandwiches. The coffee was strong and fresh. Baked goods were scratch made not package mixes. The sandwich I had was the all-American cheeseburger, it was a hand made patty cooked on a flat top. The burger was like you would make at home.

If you prefer chain dining, you will the standard mix of Wendy’s, McDonalds, Denny’s, etc. You will also find grocery and big box stores if you need supplies for your trip.

Casey, IL is worth the stop. Not only is the town quaint, sights cool, and food good; but the exit is a couple of hours into Illinois driving from Indiana. It is a good place to take a safety break, something we overlook when driving. If you are hauling a fifth wheel or travel trailer be advised it is an old town with tight turns.

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